About Us

LipBomb is manufactured by PopStar Beverage Company, which is based in Kansas City, Missouri. It is one of several innovative
products trademarked by the privately-held company. PopStar Beverage is a socially-conscious company that strives to create
high-quality, products made from the finest ingredients.

Our Mission

At PopStar Beverage Company, we have a distinct mission that drives our business operations. We push ourselves to the limit in
our commitment to provide superior service to our customers and the community.

Our Products

LipBomb is available in two varieties of Sun Protection Factor: SPF 15 and SPF 22. The SPF 15 formula offers effective
protection against the sun for 15 times longer than you could without any protection. The SPF 22 version maximizes your
defense while including a pleasing flavor and scent. And because LipBomb is made of natural ingredients, it’s completely safe
for everyone to use, from young children to the elderly. LipBomb adds just the right amount of moisture to keep your lips in
the optimum condition. It’s the best high-definition, high-performance lip balm on the market.